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After much research and experimentation, I believe I have finally figured out why foreigners that live in China lose so much weight

Chinese meat dishes are often just plates of bone (especially when you don’t eat pork, like me). You’ll find yourself sitting at a lunch/dinner sucking meat off bones until you grow tired and feel like you’ve wasted enough of your host families time (they stopped eating 20 minutes ago and are just watching you go). When you realize you’re the last person scavenging for meat, you quickly apologize and pretend to be full despite the growing hunger in your belly after being teased with the amazing flavor of whatever bone you sucked.

A few dozen of these meals later, your body begins to adjust to the lower calorie & fat intake (despite the copious amounts of oil and grease) and cuts weight in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

I gained 2 pounds shortly after getting here. I quickly lost 4 and I expect it to, but pray that it doesn’t, continue. Maybe I should eat more bugs…